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Educational Documentary -

Larry captures the essence of a given subject—creating an environment where the talent speaks in their natural voice.

He has developed a unique approach to classroom videotaping which combines cinematic production values with authenticity.  Larry’s diverse skill-set makes him self-reliant and can save the client 50% relative to large crews.

Custom-Scored Music - Larry has developed alternative ways to compose music, allowing him to offer custom music at a price approaching library music.  Larry has over 40 national television credits as a composer for Emmy-award winning clients such as “Fox Sports.”

Title Design/Motion Graphics - Larry’s 3D and particle effect skills add dimension to his motion graphic intros.  He hosted a webinar describing how he used a visual effects program called “Particle Illusion” in his short film “XF-1.”  The client was GenArts, a company whose visual effects software has been used in films such as “Star Wars Episode III,” “The Twilight Saga:  New Moon,” and the Academy Award-winning drama “The Hurt Locker.”